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5 Tips To Consider Before Hiring a Bozeman Contractor

Posted: November 16, 2018 by Jay Oddy

Are you wanting to have your kitchen renovated or an addition made to your house? This is a job beyond a handyman’s duties and one in which you should hire a contractor. Many contractors are reputable and will do a nice job, but some may not have your best interest in mind, so these are some tips to consider.

1.Check with previous customers

They may be able to stick to a schedule just fine and do a nice job, but if they make your life difficult for multiple months, it may not be worth it. It is also important to consider which services they specialize in and the quality of their products.

2. Compare your claim professionals estimate with that of the contractor

Make sure the scope of work is similar and be weary of estimates that seem too high or too low. Also beware of contractors that want you to spend a lot of money on temporary fixes and contact your claim professional if you have any questions.

3. Make sure your contractor has the proper licenses and insurances

Every state requires different licenses, so make sure they have the correct ones. Also this is the time to ensure they are properly insured and bonded. You can find out by simply asking for their Certificate of Insurance.

4. Be weary of pressure

If your contractor is putting pressure on you to make the decision fast, it may be time to look for a different contractor. Make sure they are not playing with your emotions or trying to sell their services overnight. Interview many contractors and get multiple bids to make sure you are making an informed decision.

5. Hire local!

Here in Bozeman, we love buying and shopping local! When problems arise, it will be easier to deal with them if the contractor is local. If you have any questions or need suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!


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