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Here in Bozeman, we know the snow and ice can do some nasty things to our house and cars.  Ice dams are a major issue that need to be addressed right when they begin. You may think those large icicles look beautiful hanging from your roof, but this is a sign of a larger issue. Ice dams are a wall of ice on your roof that prevent the snow from properly draining off. If the snow remains there it can seep into your shingles and interior walls causing costly damage. Here are some tips for preventing ice dams. 1. ... read more
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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Posted by Jay Oddy on October 18, 2018 in  1st time buyer  Home Improvement
For a second there I thought winter had officially came to Bozeman, but this week we are back to 60-degree days with colorful leaves. That being said, it was a good reminder of things we should do to prepare our home for winter. Here are just 5 simple things that can make a great impact on your home. Rake the leaves This will not only leave you with a nicer looking yard, but it will also ensure that your grass can grow without a problem in the spring. It is especially important to do this if your tree has lar... read more
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